Small Axe Getting Close To Actual Releases

I am very close to releasing a flood of code on Included in the first batch are:

– Small Axe Encryption (which is VERY breakable (being as though the decrypt code is actually available, but a new version, which uses a password to decode, will eventually be out).

– Small Axe PHP XML-RPC API. YIKES. What a mouthful. It’s by far the easiest API out there. I have searched high and low for an API. Version 0.1 is so simple it’s crazy.

– Dango 2.1. A simple discussion board. Version 3 will be a complete rewrite, so this is a nice mini-step.

2 Replies to “Small Axe Getting Close To Actual Releases”

  1. You had said that you would also modify the CSS to support mobile browsers better. Is this now out of your plans?

  2. The first two don’t have any user interface. They are just PHP code snippets that you can add to your own code. One encrypts and decrypts (my wife and I sometimes use it over IM or in emails), the other is a group of functions to enable XML/RPC in PHP so that you can add these capabilities to a custom blogging app.

    Dango can be made mobile friendly without much work I bet. I will make it a point for 2.2 before I get to 3.0.

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