My Dream App More Like A Nightmare

So, awhile back, someone came up with this idea – invite users to dream up an application, then hold a contest and actually develop the best ones. I mean – how cool is that, right? ANYTHING you can think of! What a great opportunity to see some incredible ideas come to life.

Let me cut to the chase: it appears the vote has been hacked. Clearly, something fishy is going on here!

The winners are – get this – a cookbook, a sync manager, and a thing that makes your desktop look like the weather. I cannot believe it. I’m stunned. THIS is what Mac users wanted? THIS is the best we could come up with?

One guy dreamt big: you hum into your computer and it pitch corrects and allows you to create a song. Whoa! Cool!

One girl had an interesting idea: you take pictures of your clothes and then can keep a “virtual closet” where you can look at your clothes together and design outfits.” Holy crap – NOTHING I know of does this, even if I don’t have much of a need for it.

But you see, these are REAL apps that are the first of their kind. Who needs a new sync manager? And who but chefs will really use Cookbook? And I couldn’t care less about my desktop wallpaper matching the weather, being as though I can LOOK OUTSIDE if I want to know!

What a letdown.

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