Link Soup, Part Whatever.

I’ve been meaning to post a bunch of great links for awhile, so I have several saved up.

Coolest Monk Ever
This dude can balance himself on ONE FINGER. This is incredible.

Leia’s Metal Bikini
Leia’s Jedi-era metal bikini as worn by fans. Yummy!

A note on OS X’s kernel_task
This one is a little nerdy, but it’s an excellent article on WTF kernel_task is and why it’s always present

Bullet Bill
Play Super Mario Brothers as…. the bullet?!

Girl caught stripping by mom
A girl with a webcam and a boyfriend gets caught by her mom. Hilarious!

CRAZY Russian Experiments
This video, thus far thought to be real, is from a 1940’s Soviet lab. Amongst the things on the film: keeping a dog’s HEAD alive without the body (about 5:32 in) and killing a dog and bringing it back to life. Yes. Seriously.

Family Guy Behind the Scenes
Did you know that Cleveland is a skinny white guy? Watch the cast recording some lines.