Eugenia released a little web-let called “MobileQuo” the other day, and it caught my eye. I downloaded it and hacked it up and made some changes.

1. This version is more secure – it won’t let the content of the feed break your HTML. Update: Apparently, the desired behavior is to render the HTML, not to preserve the markup as markup, so the new version Eugenia has released reflects that change. So code will be rendered, including javascript, so beware!!
2. This version outputs friendly errors. The 1.0 version can fail if your php.ini isn’t set up right, or output a blank page if there are certain errors.
3. This version is more portable and doesn’t rely on a particular PHP configuration.
4. Most differently, this version can cache the results. This way, each reload won’t hammer an RSS feed. Rather, the results can be cached for a perdiod and fed from cache, and then when the cache expires, it reloads the cache.

The source code is here: MobileQuo. Note that you will need to upload a blank WRITABLE file in your MobileQuo directory. Then just use the rest of the code from Eugenia here.