New Look and Feel

If you’re not reading this via RSS, you may have noticed that I’ve completely changed the look and feel of It’s something I wasn’t expecting to do regularly, but since I’ve moved to WordPress, this will be my third theme.  The first one lasted only a few days, to be fair, and I settled on the beautiful Librio.  However, I did a lot of customization with Librio, which meant I couldn’t really update the theme, and it was far from 2.7 ready.  On top of that, I hacked up some areas I didn’t like and I was never able to get it just right.  

Fast forward a bit, I’ve gone ahead and modified instantShift’s Christmas theme that was designed for Smashing Magazine.  I am, at least right now, very happy with this theme and I think I’ll stick with it for awhile.  

Today is a new beginning for the US… and a little change is in order.