It’s MY iPhone, Apple!

Why is it that I can connect my iPhone to my work computer and stream music over the air from my home computer to my speakers at work and be legit, but I can’t have my iPhone look like this without breaking the iPhone terms of service? It’s my phone, Apple. Let me control it.
iPhone OS Snow Leopard Theme

One Reply to “It’s MY iPhone, Apple!”

  1. If hacking was legal, then that guy who hacked the firmware of the Wii and PS3 wouldn’t be facing 10 years of prison time right now. The reality is, the iPhone is a closed platform. The PC is not. But just because you are used to the PC not being a closed platform and allowing all sorts of HW/SW modifications, it doesn’t translate to being able to do the same on embedded devices.

    And this is the biggest GPL shortsightedness btw (going a bit further).

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