gmail, phones, and moe., and blogging

1. gmail is incredible. since my account gets nothing but Russian spam now, I’ve directed it to my gmail account instead of my main account. I love the label system and the threaded conversations.

2. I’m so over my cell phone saga with AT&T TDMA, AT&T GSM, and Nextel. I’ve got the i830 which is cool but a ripoff, and f it, I’m keeping the son of a bitch. Plus, Nextel works, even in Deltona.

3. moe. was a good time. It was a money show, and I met this chick H, who was a blast, and we’re going to hang out sometime. I’m psyched, because she was actually a lot of fun. More on that, I hope.

4. Blogging is tough. You have to actually have something to say, and I’m pretty proud to say I don’t. I code a bunch of shit, but rarely have astute observations.

I coded this whole moderation thing, and then never actually used it for anything. After all, nobody really wants to test it, I think. I just had a good time doing it. moderate() will be in Flip 4, and that will be that.