Damn It, Twitter!


All goddamned day I’ve been getting this goddamned whale on Twitter. I’ve also been trying to change the background of my stream, but although it always reports successful (when it doesn’t fail due to capacity problems), it never changes. It either replaces my background with nothing, or it uses the background I had three or four changes ago. God damn it, Twitter, get your goddamned act together!

4 Replies to “Damn It, Twitter!”

  1. No disrespect is meant, but what do you do differently every day that warrants a Twitter account? I mean, most normal people who go to work and back, don’t have to have more than a blog to update occasionally. Their lives are usually monotonous.

    If this was a rock band on tour, Twitter makes sense, as every day they find themselves in a new town and a new adventure! But a normal working person?

    Sorry, I just don’t get it. 😀

  2. Don’t take this the wrong way, Eugenia, but what do you do that requires the internet? It’s just for fun, right?

    I follow over a hundred people, and that gives me a constant stream of information. I have a whole group of people now that I know entirely from Twitter. It’s much more real time than any website or discussion board, or even Facebook. Plus, it can be quickly ingested, since the entries are so short. It’s a challenge sometimes to express yourself in 140 characters.

    You may not get it, but over 50 million people do.

  3. I challenge these 50 million people. I also challenge the people who use Facebook and Myspace. While I have accounts with these two establishments, I don’t use them (I only created the accounts so I can contact some people who were not providing their email address on their site/blog).

    I just don’t see the point, sorry. An “about” page, and a blog is all someone needs in my opinion. Everything else, is just manufactured ideas to keep people busy.

  4. Challenge them to what? To enjoy the same things you do?

    Isn’t it a little bit short sighted to say that since you don’t get it, it’s not a legitimate form of entertainment? No one is telling you that HD video is pointless and you shouldn’t waste your time with it, why do you think you get to “challenge” the hundreds of millions of people enjoying services like Fbook and Twitter?

    You’ve challenged me, I’ve explained it, but that, for some reason, hasn’t satisfied you. I’d wager that there’s only one acceptable conclusion for you here.

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