Blinking Images With Javascript

I needed to have an image blink in one of our intranet applications today, so I wrote this quick javascript to accomodate. There aren’t many good image blinker scripts online, so I’m adding mine to the mix:

Start by adding this to your javascript file:

function blinkId(id) {
	var i = document.getElementById(id);
	if('hidden') {'visible';
	} else {'hidden';
	return true;

And this right before you end your <html> tag:

<script type="text/javascript">blinkId('YOUR_ELEMENT_ID');</script>

This will work for images, divs, spans, pretty much any block level element with an id.

Updated 8/19/2008: Fixed a copy/paste bug in this post.

13 Replies to “Blinking Images With Javascript”

  1. The correct is:
    return true;

  2. Huh.. I typed it backwards. Obviously, I’m using the solution for real – the real code has it right. Not sure how I transposed it wrong.

  3. I just pinched this code (knowing very little JS) and swore for a while because it wouldn’t work.

    Copy and paste into TextMate resulting in some weird versions of apostrophes and quote marks, as if it was using smart quotes. I had to delete them all and retype them manually to get it to work.

  4. This works great, but is there a way to make it blink just once? Thanks for posting!

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