Yesarooni Positooni

I have no real reason to be excited for the weekend, but I’ve been really looking forward to it since Wednesday. I think the idea of going home, relaxing, and spending some time with the baby is really appetizing right now. The kid was really good last night, she was sitting on the spare bed while I was fooling around on the computer. The dog got on the bed — he’s great with her, because he really has a huge amount of patience with her. She smacks him, pulls his facial hair, punches him, and he just takes it. The only problem is that sometimes he just tries kissing all over her face and she’s clearly annoyed and can’t escape him.

Either way, somehow, he laid down and she reached over, so he put his front leg across her legs. She was sitting on her butt playing with his leg – drumming on it, petting it, etc, and he actually closed his eyes and let her just tap away. It was pretty amazing, given that he’s rarely that relaxed around Jenn and me and she’s so innocently rough with him.

Every time the dog pisses me off – which is often, since the big galoot is usually following us around and thus generally “in the way” – I remember how incredible he is with baby and how great it will be when she’s old enough to consider him a friend. I can sense he’s going to be fiercely loyal to her and she’s going to be really affectionate with him. The seed is already planted.

The entire scene just made me really long to spend some quality time at home with them, maybe let Jenn sleep late and pack up the baby and the dog for a good walk or something.