Forgot about you there for a minute, Mr. Blog. See, the concept of a blog is a funny one, because it acts like a diary, but it’s a public diary. But as the livejournal/blogger craze continues, what you find is, well, the diaries are less diaries and more pontificating. Like someone else actually gives a flying shit about your blog.

What could be cool, though, and I’m thinking about this, is something called (something like) “Flip Collaboration.” This is where, I guess like Trackback, you can have other people’s Flip feeds integrated into your own. Simply plug in their collaboration URL (which is probably simply a link to an RSS feed updated not more than every hour or so) and your Flip feed includes the items in their feed they’ve chosen to share. Maybe that is trackback.

Hey, don’t get me wrong, it’s still a useless blog, but at least it’s your friends worthless ramblings too.