Peace, Love, Tolerance, and Truth

I stand for peace, love, tolerance, and truth. I stand for science. I stand for nature. I stand for humanity. But have you ever noticed that people who:

  • are anti-science
  • are anti-gay
  • don’t believe in evolution
  • don’t believe in global warming
  • are anti-stem cell research
  • are anti right-to-choose
  • believe in forced school prayer
  • are pro-war
  • believe there is actually a “war on terror”
  • disregard separation of church and state as envisioned by the American founding fathers

…tend to be the least tolerant and most narrow-minded people of all? Have you noticed these people are sheep who spout uninformed political nonsense, flock to church and swallow the tripe whole, are perfectly comfortable with genocide anywhere but in the US, and then preach about morality? Can you believe that these people dare to call themselves “patriotic Americans” without bothering to even contemplate what that even means? The founding fathers – brave men who stood for honesty, integrity, truth and liberty – would be ashamed of us.

It’s no surprise these people exist. These people are routinely the least educated in the nation! That’s right, smart people voted for Kerry, and dumb, white, fat Wal-Mart shoppers voted for Bush. Hey, don’t yell at me, this is what the statistics show!

That’s not to say Kerry was a shining star, it’s just to say that the decline of the United States in general can be placed squarely on the shoulders of George W. Bush and his brainless followers, so-called “Christians” who preach war, intolerance, and anti-American initiatives. Oh, and it’s pretty much a sure thing that history books will concur.

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  1. It’s safe to say that the GOP has been pushed FAR away from it’s Libertarian roots. The unfortunate byproduct of our current political process is that the REALLY sound candidates can’t get the fundraising dollars or the media coverage. Sad…so sad.

  2. I’ve said it many times, and will say it again…

    The US political system is to blame for the incompetence of its leaders. Plurality is non-existant in the United States, so all you guys can choose from is Regurgitated Crap #1, and Regurgitated Crap #2. The US system allows for rotating the people in charge, but not the ideas in charge.

    Sadly, there is no one in the US who dares to even openly support opening up the political monopoly the two parties own. The US seriously needs new and fresh political ideas, and sure as hell they ain’t coming from the Reps or Dems.

    The Democrats in the US might be called “progressive” by US standards, but compared to the nations in Western Europe, they are so hopelessly conservative and backwards… Let alone the Republicans.

  3. I’ve come across those statistics, too. It made me feel good to know I really wasn’t just being politically biased.

  4. Do I have to match all the points listed in your rant, or is it enough to match, say, 3 or 4 out of the whole list to be “the least tolerant and most narrow-minded people of all” ?

    I’d say your rant is pretty narrow-minded, too, but that’s just me.

    If it’s a “gotta meet all criterias”-thing, then I agree with you, though. It’s still narrow-minded, but who’s to say I can’t be just that?

  5. Do I have to match all the points listed in your rant, or is it enough to match, say, 3 or 4 out of the whole list to be “the least tolerant and most narrow-minded people of all” ?

    That depends… are you actually tolerant? Do you consider yourself a good person and is your belief system in alignment with actually accepting others?

    This is not an attack. It’s about people getting along with people instead of blinding being told, and accepting, that they should sit in judgment of others (which, for the record, is directly counter to God’s word). The people who belief in the most restriction are often the least educated, have the least specific knowledge of the issues, and are exclusive, hateful, selfish jerks.

    If you match even one and you’re that type, you’re the problem. But if you match most, but are truly ok with your fellow man, then maybe you’re the exception.

  6. Somehow none of those things are necessary for life here naymore. I got to sit in a big church listening to the minister explain how shorting children is a good idea (pump and dump, whatever) and somehow a sustainable thing under the right regime, point out the regime with the best credentials, walk through the favors based on the sermon od the day, claim comprehensiveness, and claim not to have endorsed the candidate. One guess. I got to object. I should perhaps have forwarded the tape to federal prosecution?

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