So last night I rebuilt using iWeb. It took a lot longer than expected because I did so much customization, and let me say: iWeb has a LOT of limitations.

Simple, basic stuff like changing link colors and styling the navigation bar are simply omitted. iWeb, in some respects, is as dumb as Front Page.

That said, it’s also MUCH MUCH better than many of these programs, because it generates such clean HTML. It’s so clean that I simply used the fantastic mac freeware MassReplaceIt to build a few queries to immediately clean up the output. I was able to integrate some PHP into it, and I think we’ll see it expand quite a bit over the next few weeks or months.

I’m pretty pleased with the design, thus far, particularly the angled images, which is really nice looking. The only problem I see is that the pages are VERY image heavy, and will be murder over dial up. Even on our T1 they still take a second to load.

I’m happy with the site, and I’m looking forward to iWeb 2.0, where Apple hopefully introduces some much needed features.