New Bloglines Beta

Bloglines released a new “skin” on their Bloglines Beta this week.  Having been tied to the speed, look, and feel of the live, I decided to give it another shot.  Let me tell you, this one is head and shoulders better than the previous version.  Here are a few notes.

New Bloglines, Pretty Good!

First of all, the default skin is really nice.  Unlike the last one, this one is a little more “Plastik” and a little less glass.  I may be making this up – but since the entire experience is smoother, it feels lighter and more responsive.  The slow “clicking” of posts is gone.  Whereas before, if you scrolled down in Opera and other browsers it would slowly chunk down the page, it now scrolls smoothly and easily, without effort.

The fonts and basic layout are both familiar and attractive, and the javascript is very pleasant in its fading and other dynamic effects.

This is the first of the Bloglines betas that I could use everyday and the first I prefer to the live site.  Way to go, Bloglines team.