My First Plugin

I recognize that I’ve been a little wordy about WordPress lately – no pun intended – but I’m afraid that it’s really interesting to me, and probably will be for the next few days. So, if you’re growing weary of the WordPress related posts, I’m sorry.

Today I took my first stab at writing a WordPress plugin. Turns out, it’s really easy. I’m mean really easy. The plugin is pretty simple: it just searches through every post and turns the unlinked words into a hyperlink. However, it seems like it might be a useful plugin for some, even just as a text-replacement plugin. So we’ll see if I publish it. In the meantime, though, it took me about 15 minutes to write and then it was recognized by WordPress, which was very cool.

I have a few ideas for more involved plugins too that I may write, one day. But in the meantime, this one is pretty cool.

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