Microsoft’s Web App Gallery FAIL

Giving Microsoft, IIS, and PHP.exe the benefit of the doubt, I decided to try installing WordPress on Windows via Microsoft’s new Web Application Gallery.   The install is simple and straightforward: install MySQL, go to the web app gallery, click on the download, choose what you want, poof! Done.

I got the first few steps knocked out, I selected WordPress,  gave it my MySQL username and password, and let it go.  It installed PHP for Windows, the MySQL connector, and WordPress.  Then I launched my browser and pointed to http://localhost:81 and… no.  Error 402.  I monkeyed with the site in IIS and was able to generate an error that simply says:  Parameter not found.

PHP is installed.  IIS assicates .php files with PHP.exe.  But WordPress no worky.


3 Replies to “Microsoft’s Web App Gallery FAIL”

  1. hey mate,

    This isn’t a web app gallery fail.
    It is your fail.
    You just missed something 😛

    1. How do you know? This was over a year ago. I’ve built dozens of servers, I’ve installed WP on Linux at least 50 times. I followed Microsoft’s directions. If I didn’t know what I was doing, how would I get it to work?

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