It's Funny Cause It's True

I’m such a loser. I don’t need a weblog. I never kept a diary, why would I use a weblog? The truth is, I like having a project like Flip. It keeps me occupied. It works, but there’s always stuff to tinker with. I get a kick out of building it and making it come to life.

I was perousing some of the other weblogs out there. Not many support flatfiles, which is kinda neat. It makes Flip unique. Of course, there is one really super advanced flatfile weblog called Easy Base System, but I can’t really find any mention of it anymore. Still, Flip doesn’t have the professional feel that some of the other, more developed weblogs do. I happen to think Flip is more attractive, but it’s not as “pro” feeling. I might rip off some of the Slash-esque feel.

So, Which I know is lame, but I do it. It’s a clean, healthy habit – and as long as I stay away from Star Trek, the X Files, and Mountain Dew: Code Red, I should be okay. Alas…