iPhone OS 3.0: Details Coming March 17

I called iPhone OS 3.0 a few months ago.  I said we should expect the next release of iPhone firmware to be a revamped version 3.0.  I still feel fairly confident in my predictions: I still think we’ll see cut-copy-and-paste, better app management, and better enterprise management.

I’m still convinced that we will not see MMS, bluetooth sync, or video, although I’ll be very happy to be wrong on all three fronts.  I’d also like to see wifi and bluetooth sync, voice dial, and — here’s a novel idea — a faster phone app, but I’m cautiously optimistic.  I’m not expecting any of those, but again, would welcome them warmly.

I don’t expect to actually see firmware 3.0 until late spring or early summer, but I suspect we’ll have a nice overview of what to expect by the end of next Tuesday.