Has Lost Lost You?

Many people are complaining about Lost’s wacky twists this season, many with good reason.  In order to prepare for their big reveals, it’s time for them to start telling the real story, and much of it deals with time travel, which is always a sticky subject, given that its entirely science fiction.  But it’s tough, because we have all envisioned a perfect mystery, and it’s likely that some things won’t make sense.   I’m still on board, I’m still hooked.

Here are some things I feel I can predict in the storyline of Lost, and some things that are standing out.

  1. I think the “Incident,” we all can guess, has to do with the bomb called Jughead.  I suspect it has some sort of detonation or radiation leak.
  2. I think that Pierre Chang will instruct his wife and child to leave the island because he knows that the Incident is coming, possibly because Daniel tells him so.  I think it would even cooler if Miles told Chang to clear them out, for obvious reasons.  Then Miles would have spent his whole life hating his father for doing what he would eventually tell him to do.
  3. I think it’s possible that Miles’ mother’s cancer is directory related to Jughead and the Incident.
  4. I  use to think that the Swan’s layers of concrete were to encase Jughead.  Sayid said the only time he’d seen that much concrete was at Chernobyl.  But the construction of the Swan in 1977 reveals that the bomb has found another home for at least 20-something years.  Now I think that again, because I think there’s a trick here: the “Hostiles” were the ones who had the bomb in the 50’s.  Perhaps Horace and Chang know the bomb is out there and intend to steal it and encase it at the Swan, evacuating the radiation every 108 minutes.  I’m still foggy on this, but obviously, whatever the Swan’s original purpose is must be explained shortly.
  5. I am a little disappointed at how underwhelming the Dharma Initiative is turning out to be.  They were initially described as a team of elite scientists.  Instead, we’re treated to a slew of janitors, cooks, blue collar workers.  Is it possible that only Dr. Chang and Horace know what the heck is going on? Even the Dharma people themselves are unaware? That makes the DI no better than any old cult, which is a letdown.  They were doing high level experiments.  Who is conducting all the research? If the hatches aren’t all constructed yet, when will those experiments begin, because we all know that the Purge is coming, and it has to be before that.
  6. It seems unreasonable and irresponsible for the Dharma Initiative to brand everything.  That seems like a colossal waste of both time and money.  And why jumpsuits? Who is going to see them? Why not just t-shirts?
  7. We had better see a connection with the DeGroots and Alvar Hanso or I will be one pissed off dude.
  8. I think we will see the following things and events explained, and in the following order: the Hatch, the Incident, the Purge, the Statue, the Dharma Initiative, Jacob, the Island.  The numbers have been revealed to be the Valenzetti Equasion variables.  We will never  get an answer to some minor things, but I suspect all major plot points will be explained.  Included in eventual reveals, I predict: Annie, Ellie == Eloise?, Adam and Eve, the smoke monster, the blast door map, Alvar and Magnus Hanso, and where the eff Bernard and Rose have been.  I think it’s possible they may never explain why Walt is “special,” but I bet we learn why Desmond is.
  9. I believe in artistic license.  So unlike some friends of mine (wink wink, E) I don’t mind minor mess ups that don’t really affect the greater plot.  There are some weird Rousseau things: in one season, she said the others were nothing but whispers, but certainly, she saw and spoke to Ben.  Okay, so they hadn’t fleshed it all out in season 1.  But I suspect they know where they are going with the big reveals.

Just a few thoughts.  If you’ve got some, feel free to chime in.

One Reply to “Has Lost Lost You?”

  1. The problem with prop errors is that they take away the believability in a show like Lost. I wouldn’t mind prop and continuity errors on Desperate Housewives, but Lost has to get its act together. It’s part of their game.

    Overall, my problem with Lost this year is that I am not feeling it. I don’t feel connected to the characters and the plot anymore. It’s either because Lost runs one year too long (season2+3 should have been a single season IMO), or because their storytelling and attention to detail lost some of its magic.

    BTW, I believe that the guys who abducted Miles in the car are the current Dharma people. It’s not a Widmore vs Others thing what we saw, it’s Widmore+Others vs Modern Dharma.

    And also, it seems that it was Ben who excavated the graves and put the plane in the Sunda trench, not Widmore as we were originally left to believe.

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