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  1. You might be. Witnessing the shows I did this summer and fall, Trey seemed to be having a blast. Just look to the Hartford show with the silliness that was the Pong sound and dancing thing with Catapult and Icculus. He was visibly excited in Albany as well, and definitely at Fest 8. I didn't see any of the NYE run, but from what I've seen in videos, he looked super happy to be there.

    Yes, the first part of the summer he was anxious, but the second leg through fall tour, he seemed to be having a blast.

    I think part of it is with TAB, he's able to let loose a bit more without worrying about fans blasting them for trying something new that didn't work. With TAB he can try that more easily than with Phish. Everyone seems more laid back when it comes to TAB than with Phish.

  2. I definitely didn't mean to imply he's not having fun with Phish, but rather, that the expectation and the level of judgment with Phish is so much higher. TAB is just fun, there's no other word that sums it up as well: sloppy, dirty, slapped together, nitty gritty, raw fun. Trey is chatty and probably likes playing to a smaller crowd like that. I just think the stress on his shoulders is less with TAB, and I think I hear, in his voice, that freedom. And with such a great repertoire there too (Goodbye Head, Push On, Shine, Cayman Review, Last Tube, Plasma, &c), I think it's probably a nice breather from the pressure of Phish, the crazy setlist construction, and the huge arenas.

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