Behind the Scenes at OSNews

I just started putting together a series of articles I will be publishing on OSNews.  I’ve only roughly sketched it out, but in short, it’s going to discuss how OSNews works, how the PHP is structured, why we made certain architectural decisions, why we don’t use tried-and-true CMSes like WordPress, Slash, or Joomla!, and how, during peak traffic times, we have survived 30,000 unique visitors per hour on a single server.  OSNews didn’t happen by mistake: over a series of months, arguably years, we took a constant read of performance, hits, server load, and usability with the mission to continually improve load time, performance, and UX.  We’ve just recently begun testing some new data presentation methods that I intend to include in my little exposé.

If you’re interested in some revealing behind-the-scenes info, feel free to ask questions now.

3 Replies to “Behind the Scenes at OSNews”

  1. * How have [you|osnews] managed to keep things held together over 10 years? That’s an unimaginable amount of time in web terms.

    * How did you come to the choice in database? What factors brought you to that decision?

    * Will the users ever stop complaining about the mod system, and could you perhaps explain it to them?


  2. Hello. The characters (like spaces and euro characters) in the news item on are screwed up again.

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