Batman Like You've Never Seen Him

Seriously, what in the blue hell is this? Is it comedy? Worse, was it meant to be serious? Are the speech impediments real? Did someone actually write a plot?

Batman: Defenders of the Night

Highlights: Batman is nearly beaten by a hood with a stick. The Riddler hits Robin in the head with his cane and then hits Batman in the nuts, all before caw’ing like a crow for no apparent reason.

Defenders of the Night was so good it warranted this sequel:

Batman: Dark Betrayals

Highlights: Bruce calls Alfred from a car that isn’t moving. Commissioner Gordon works in a bedroom that has laundry all over the floor. Robin sells cocaine and then steals a dog. The criminals continue to take Batman seriously despite the fact that he’s clearly wearing pyjamas.

You owe it to yourself to watch these both all the way. It will blow your mind.