Can I just carry on for a second about some development stuff? I began writing Flip in 2002, when I was a relatively newbie to web programming. Sure, I’d been doing HTML and Javasacript since ’99, and I had been playing with PHP for 6 months or so, but I was a novice, plain and simple. Flip 2 and 3 were both steady evolutions, but sometime in between, whether it was writing a helpdesk app for work, or rewriting, learning about 0bject Orientation and classes, MySQL, whatever… I believe I learned a lot of cool tricks.
When I finally got around to writing Flip 4 – which by the way, will not be called Flip 4, since it’s really not even close to the same code, nor is it a “flatfile” PHP Weblog anymore – I started from ground zero. Flip 4 is now mostly functional, I’m going to be testing and packaging the first beta, and dammit, I am PSYCHED. This blog is so much better than anything I’ve ever written. Pure HTML templates, auto-location, some great JS/CSS tricks for visibility, and the latest acheivement – a great installation script that can build Small Axe for you. There, I said it. After much deliberation – Blueberry, Green Violin, Peanut Head, etc – the next blogging tool I release will be “Small Axe.”
Why “Small Axe?” Bob Marley once wrote a song, and the lyrics are “If you are the big tree, we are the Small Axe.” The Small Axe, the people of Jamaica, were oppressed by the government, the so-called “big tree.” I like Small Axe because it conveys a sort of intimidation by the small guys, and my application is certainly a “small guy.”
Anyway, I’m very excited to be rolling the first beta and I’m really hoping for feedback. It’s going to be hard, since Flip has got to appear to be a dead or abandoned project at this point. Hopefully, some Flip users will consider upgrading to Small Axe when 1.0 comes out.

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  1. I’m using the flat file version of flip right now on my site, and it’s the best flat file system out there. It took some time to reconfigure some of the files, but it works great and looks great. The problem I have is using a free website. One just dropped python, and I was screwed. Another dropped MyAdmin right after I posted a site. You don’t have to worry about reconfiguring SQL databases with the flatfile, and I don’t see why you don’t have it written for both. There are alot of freebie folks like me out there that would appreciate it. Thanks for the great program!

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