This morning, I checked my Gmail and found that I had received 203 comments on last night. In case you don’t realize how odd this is, I typically get 1-2 comments a day max, unless a particular discussion gets moving, and then it might be 10 at best.

These 203 comments were generally grouped, about 30 to a group, with identical information. The name was some kind of drug spam (you know the typical Viagra, etc) and the IP was blank (which I may soon require to comment). But the odd thing: it was almost like it was custom written for my blog: the thread kept changing, the parent comment changed, the content changed, and it passed the captcha… or so it seemed!

So I changed my captcha. I think I might have found a bug in it whereby if your browser wouldn’t begin a session, it might pass the captcha. So that’s fixed. Plus I added several little checks to the comment page. It will not only reject lots of comment variants (all of which are unlikely to occur with real comments), it will actually ban some users automatically if certain strings are found, etc.

It’s kind of ironic that my last entry was on spam, and then my site gets spammed.