I really want Picasa on Mac.

I may be one of a few, but I REALLY want to see a version of Picasa for OS X. Yes, I know there are great image editing programs out there for Mac, and that possibly, many Mac users already have one or more of them installed, however, *I* don’t. In fact, I don’t even really know how to work with my photos. I suppose iPhoto is a nice program, but I loved Picasa, and found it to be the most user friendly program I’d used in a long time. Other than the fact that it litered those damned picasa.ini files in every damn folder on the disk, it’s fantastic. After seeing this article, though, I now have hope.

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  1. Man I,m filling exzactly how the last comment felt and i really really need picasa for my mac, i aint down with no other software even thou better for my PC and now i dont want no other for my mac and also so i can be transfering saved files from PC 2 MAC/

  2. iPhoto is beastly and it sucks. I like to have my photos organized the way I like them, and NOT have copies of them importing into iPhoto. When oh when oh when will the snazzy developers at Google develop Picasa for Mac??

  3. I am a professional photographer, I have used EVERY application that claims to be a “great” image organizing solution and they are all pale, weak tea when compared to picasa’s speed of organization and user interface. Yes, Aperture will tweak better, yes lightroom looks nicer… They are so damn slow it is tooth-grindingly painful. Picasa will snap up 50 raw files and publish them to the web as if nothing happened… Pretty hard to top. GET PICASA ENGINEERED FOR OSX PLEASE!!! Stirling Elmendorf Photography 4-18-07

  4. Once I tried Picasa to quickly edit 400 wedding pictures, there was no going back. It was the most user friendly picture program I’ve ever used. Fine tuning I can do with other programmes but that first fast brush up was great on Picasa.

    trouble is I was using it on my friend’s borrowed Linux as my Mac had just died. I have a new Mac now and first thing I wanted to do was installl Picasa and guess what? It isn’t available for Macs! If I’d known I would have bought a Linux… 🙁

  5. no, you are not on of a few. Here is me, one of MANY that want to see Picasa2 for OS X! Now ; the question is “when is that gonna happen?” Tired to wait… and i can’t understand why Google just won’t make it asap.

  6. I am an amateur photographer and a relative newcomer to Mac. I have tried to learn to like iPhoto, but just can’t. Switching to mac was the best thing I have ever done, and Picasa is the only thing I miss. (Especially as I already have thousands of pictures in Picasa on my old PC.) Blogging and managing photos is just so much more complicated with anything else. Please make it available for Mac! Please!

  7. Picasa NOW for MACS. I also have iphoto(blah), Lightroom and of course, PS CS2, but give me a break. What do you do when you need to tweak photos fast? Nada, for Mac anyway. At least if you want quality editing quick there is nothing and now with the dismal upgrade of iPhoto 08, it’s a mess just to get it downloaded. What was Mac thinking? Really makes me wish Linux could support all of the software one might need. What a break that would be.
    I have a Sony that I will have to load Picasa on,but I use my Mac almost exclusively for photos. oh Well.

  8. but i so totally agree…picasa is the best pics program, why not have it for mac is a big mystery for me…Iphoto does the same as itunes…it’s all reorganised…and for my pics, i’ld like them organised the way I do and did for the last few years now…when oh when…hello apple are you there…?

  9. I echo all the other responses. I’ve tried 2 dozen different tools looking for something to run native on my macbook and i still come back to Picasa2 under vmware (which sucks, btw).

    i cant find a simple, fast, efficient tool on the mac for organizing/touchup that

    a) leaves my file folders alone, and doesnt
    cryptically hide my stuff
    b) doesnt commit changes unless i want to
    c) preserves exif
    d) covers simple editing like redeye, sharpen, cropping
    e) runs fine with 5000+ photos in it

    i found photonator the other day, which seems to do a fine job of duplicating the *organizing* part, but not the editing. i can shell out to my ‘editor of choice’, but i really dont HAVE one right now, without Picasa

    new version of iphoto? please. i think it actually got worse.

  10. I’ve had my MacBook pro for almost a year now and I still haven’t found a good solution for easy photo management. I still have my Windows machine for games and Picasa. I sound like a broken record since so many people have stated this, but Picasa is the ONLY windows application I miss.

    The only thing I can figure is that Picasa uses some deep, low level Windows API calls to do it’s magic and that must be making it difficult to port. Or maybe Google just figures that Mac fanboys love their iPhoto so there is no need to waste the effort.

    Maybe it would be nice to form a petition of some sort to get Google to understand how many mac users miss Picasa.

  11. i will be the first to sign that petition… i recently switched to a macbook and love it BUT i also love editing my photos.. picasa was great for that.. especially the “glow” feature (which i miss the most)… iphoto sucks.

  12. ok; i have Picasa on my dell computer, and i love it !!
    but why the hell doesn’t it let mac users use it on their macs. windows isnt the best
    server, people think it is the best but its not, apple is the best, and i want a
    free photo editing software, but there isnt any ! they people who run picasa have
    to let it out to mac users, there are so many comments below saying basically the
    same thing, cant they get the picture! 🙂 comment back people. we neeeeeed picasa on
    our macs.

    elle gregory (: im alot younger than you guys im 14 😀 but im with you all 100%

  13. I found the best solution is to use Crossover and then install Picasa in it. Takes a little longer to start up on my Mac Mini then on XP and the fonts look horrible, but the picture’s itself look great and everything seems to be working ok.
    Until Picasa someday show’s up for OSX this is a workable solution for me.

  14. Hey, Dutchdaun. Have you been able to manage videos using picasa+mac crossover? I was able to install picasa. It found my pictures but only shows the first frame of videos.

  15. Look again at Photonator, if you are interested in a Picassa/iPhoto alternative. As noted above it handles the organization really well, but now it has editing tools.
    A great crop/straighten tool, and some OK image enhancement tools. But might be enough for most images.

    (note, I’m involved with Photonator development)

  16. I feel absolutely lost without Picasa. I’ve tried and tried to get photos into email and also to save on the Mac. It was so simple with my Windows OS before I purchased the Mac; Does anyone know when Picasa will be available?

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