I Like the Name Saskatchewan

Compiling a list of popular Canadians revealed a few line hoppers I was surprised at. There’s the standards – Rush, Bryan Adams, Celine Dion, Alex Trebeck. There are the tier 2 well knowns, like Alanis Morrisette, Jason Priesty, and Tom Greene, who we all know are Canadian, but we don’t necessarily identify with as representing Canada. The newbies, so to speak, include Shania Twain, Sum 41, and Avril Lavigne.

There are really too many to mention: Mike Meyers, Colin Mochrie, the guy from Ed, the new Anakin, Jim Carrey, Natasha Henstridge, and Trinity from the Matrix. The guy from Jag, for one – Canadian. Donald Sutherland too.

Get this: Pamela Anderson was born in the small town of Ladysmith, British Columbia on Canada’s 100th birthday (July 1, 1967). She was the first baby born that day (4:08 am), so she was given the title The Centennial Baby. What an honor.

Nelly Furtado, Neil Young, Sarah McLachlan, Paul Schaffer, The Tragically Hip, and The Barenaked Ladies are all Canadian musicians. 8 billion hockey players, including Mario Lemiux and hockey god Wayne Gretzky, as well as more figure skaters than you’ve ever heard of are Canadian.

Peter Jennings and Robert Goulet are both hosers. James Cameron, of Titantic and Terminator fame, as well as Lorne Michaels from SNL also hail the queen from this side of the Atlantic. Spider-man artist Todd McFarlane and super-producer Norman Jewison hail from the Great White North.

All in all, you gotta give Canada big ups, if for nothing else, than for DeGrassi Junior High and You Can’t Do That On Television. Can I get a “WOOP WOOP?”

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