Firefox 2 is RSS Stupid

I’ve used Firefox since at least 2002 when it was “Phoenix 0.2.” The internet trail proves it. I *think* I used Phoenix 0.1. Either way, I’ve been on the Firefox bandwagon since the very beginning – actually before it – since I used Mozilla on Linux even earlier when it was in the 0.9x days. So it really burns me to say that I’m VERY disappointed in the Firefox devs. They have intentionally deprecated an XML convention called “xml-stylesheet” by ignoring it alltogether and overriding what developers put in their code. I believe that RSS/XML is BROKEN in Firefox 2, no matter what anyone says.

This is the bug, check it out and please vote for it.

Update: 17 minutes after I added my comment, the bug was re-opened. Thanks, Jake Olefsky!