Facebook and the Beacon Fiasco

It’s time for Facebook to suck it up and admit they screwed up with this “beacon” system. People everywhere are complaining that Facebook is not respecting their privacy. In at least one case, Facebook ruined Christmas. But more importantly, users – a fickle crowd, indeed – are more concerned about privacy than many people think.

Perhaps only because I’ve yet to get abused by it have I not acted on my urge to close my account, but I am pissed nonetheless than a company like Facebook – which, until the last few weeks – was the “hot, young” company in Silicon Valley, but has recently crashed and burned in many people’s minds, would do something like this. The beacon system is 100% designed for advertisers and Faecbook itself, not for users. And when you sell out your users, well, you sign your own death certificate. I could not agree any more with Scoble, who says Mark Zuckerburg ought to get his ass out there and apologize. Remember, Mark, Facebook is only worth 1 billion dollars on paper. Once your userbase distrusts you, you’re done.

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