Nothing Says "I Love You" Like an Ass in the Box

I can’t wait to buy an Ass in the Box for someone. What a novel idea. You get a gift in the mail, you open it, and it’s a giant ass. Lovely.

This article from CRACKED magazine had me laughing this morning. I really enjoy the new site. It’s – how you say? Ah, yes… – funny.

I registered for Netvibes today, and I must say, it’s what Google Personalized ought to be. It’s heavily AJAX and drag-n-drop based, and there are no page reloads when you switch tabs. It’s fast and simple, but not as simple and pretty as Google. C’mon Google, you’ve got a ways to go with Writely, Spreadsheets, Google Personalized, and Picasaweb. Don’t disappoint us, we’re counting on your to get these puppies as spit-shined as Gmail.